Welcome to Moore Direction, your source for maximizing how you choose to live your life. I start with this thought, when you look at an individual’s' memorial and you see "Born on xx/xx/xxxx - Died on xx/xx/xxxx," do you wonder what transpired in the person’s life represented by the (-) DASH?

As a DASH Developer, I identify ways to help my clients intentionally live out their DASH. The goal is to make choices along the way impacting all aspects of your life in a positive, no regrets way, resulting in a sense of fulfillment as you live out each day.

In my experience, I have found that most people, men in particular, are seeking Significance (does my life matter?) and Passion (what gives me great satisfaction?). These foundational drivers transcend every facet of ones' life (personal, business, leisure, etc.). Obviously the win-win is when they mutually support each other, but it is not an absolute. Therefore, one of the first things my clients and I do is identify and develop their personal motivators.

In facilitating my clients realization of their goals, I have developed a Chart Your Course program. The complete program consists of assessments, written activities, and vision/planning/implementation exercises covering 12 - 15 consultations over a 6 to12 month period. One of the keys to success is to have clarity of purpose and vision in a quantifiable framework that maintains focus on one's big picture as they face everyday life.

Much more is attainable for your life! Put your dreams into action and live each day with significance and passion.

So make the call, make an appointment and let’s develop your DASH!

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